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Everyone needs an up-to-date will but it’s one of the many jobs that is easy to put off. With our help, you can now make a professionally drafted will quickly and easily. It will normally be completely free of charge. In writing your will, we appreciate that your first priority is your family but, after their future has been safeguarded, a modest contribution to Yelverton Community Projects could make a lasting difference to your home community. If you already have a will, you could use our free service to update the will to include any new bequests.

If you choose to support the charity, your legacy will be used to support one of the projects described in this website. Your gift may well enable the charity to find new ways in which it can support local residents. It is dependent on the generosity of local people – previous bequests and donations have been used to:

  • Provide new equipment for the toddler area at the Play Park,
  • Purchase projection equipment to set up the cinema,
  • Support people in particular need, for example at Christmas,
  • Provide a bench and plant trees to enhance the environment of the Play Park.

The free will-writing service that we offer is arranged through an organisation called Bequeathed. You start by completing an online interview which takes twenty to thirty minutes, with online help from the Bequeathed team. You then have a follow-up appointment with a legal firm, which can be by telephone, video conference or in the firm’s office. After this, the legal firm will send you the completed will, which you will need to sign in front of witnesses. You may then return the will to the legal firm for secure storage.

For further information on how this works, ring the YelverCare number (07775 695864) between 10 am and 1 pm Monday to Friday and ask for a call back from one of the YelverCare legacy volunteers. Or you can start writing your will at any time by clicking here. START WRITING YOUR WILL HERE

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